Well, I'm normal for me :)
whats on my blog is basically different components of me. so dont hate it!
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at level two, there’s no more cursing. 

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Let’s angrily eat invisible burgers!

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you may unfollow me but you can never deny that you liked my blog enough to make the conscious decision to follow me in the first place


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seeing people hate on a character you can relate to the most


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"suck my dick" 

"nah sorry i have a shrimp allergy"

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the gaming industry annoys me a lot because it has the potential to be the most creative and diverse outlet we have but like. nah. we got cod. and fifa. 0 female leading characters. the exact same slightly rough looking, dark haired, middle aged white dude.. 3/10

and then you get these fantastic, creative, fresh new games like child of light and they get like 1.2% of the attention

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this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image

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supernatural meme - ten episodes - it’s a terrible life [6/10]

SAM: I just can’t shake this feeling like I don’t belong here. Like I should do something more than sit in a cubicle.
DEAN: I think most people who work in a cubicle feel that same way.

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